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Arise Slaves

broken shacklesARISE SLAVES

Are we not all slaves?
beholden to work and ruler
that only take
or give too much
from self-proclaimed divinity
declaring dependence
when what we really seek
is independence?

Are we not all slaves?
to thoughts and notions
taking umbrage
at verbal onslaughts
and physical manifestation
and now dethroned
from the pinnacle
we mourn our destiny
venturing in denial.

Are we not all slaves?
to our own ignorance
of people and places
losing bearing
and orientation
to a secretive compass
that controls the stars
our supposed eternity

Are we not all slaves?
waiving impotent rights
to a lesser champion
when the one we seek
resides within us
calling out
to break these chains
of betrayal.

Are we not all slaves?
pounding doors
rattling chains
and manacles
as fashion statement
mutated fetters confining
spirit and imagination.

Are we not all slaves?
to fad, desire, peers
and pressures.

Slowly relieving themselves
of these tentacles
of uncivilization
unfolds and blooms.

© 2013 lgjaffe

2 Responses to Arise Slaves

  1. Clark Carr says:

    Fine poem, Larry. And a question that should be asked regularly. I love that last stanza — “relieving themselves of uncivilization…” I might add…washing themselves of, standing under the waterfall of honesty and hard work, reaching and caring for others no matter, no matter.

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