Poetizing spontaneously without combusting

Boxing Shadows

fighting shadowsBoxing Shadows

At the corner of my right eye
Lurks a monster
Of mammoth proportions
From a hidden camp

—He appears, disappears and reappears

When least expected
He transforms himself into miracle
Calls out the bastions of faith
Walks away indifferently
Disappears into the seams of destiny

When least expected
He transforms himself into beast
Shouts out my name
Damns me to hell
Quietly retreats into his domain

This is my nemesis
My antagonist
Hideous yet beautiful
Cruel yet compassionate
A creature of dichotomy
He lives within
He lives without

His destination and purpose
Fly beyond simplicity of me

I stretch out my arms to him
This hidden father
And lapse into prayer
Gibberish springing from my lips
Like sodden gun powder

Fearing I will explode at any moment
Fearing that I will never detonate

I wish he would not come
I wish he would go away
He is not my conscience
Nor my ruler
Nor an adjudicator of fate
Just a borrower of tomorrows

© 2013 lgjaffe

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