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Friendly Lamentation

friendshipFriendly Lamentation

It may come as a surprise to you
But when we became friends
I thought you meant it

I have never been half-way
About friends
They are all close
Or not friends at all

So I took what you said
At face value

We were to be friends

Pinky pals for all eternity

I would take a bullet for a friend
And you thought that presumptuous

I would be there 24/7 for a friend
And you thought that audacious

When did you change the definition
Of friend to someone you called
When you needed a ride

© 2013 lgjaffe

4 Responses to Friendly Lamentation

  1. Eileen Herbert Hugo says:

    i love that poem Larry

  2. HMS says:

    agreed lovely.. not everyone understands the value of love… friendship being one of them. varying degrees as such.

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