Poetizing spontaneously without combusting

I Found Tomorrow

Signpost of TimeI lost yesterday
And found tomorrow

It was hidden
Slightly luminescent
But obscured by the past

A future unbridled
Beckoned me
But where was it


Where was my destiny

Hidden in a corn field
Surrounded by butterflies
Lost in deep sorrow

So concealed I could not fathom
Its location

There was no GPS reading
To discover it

My tomorrow
I shouted
And beseeched
The audience
Had they hidden it
Was it in a purse
Or a pocket

Was it driven like a dagger
Into my heart

I want my tomorrow
I want it so bad
To escape today

I want it so bad
To live forever
Surrounded by a tomorrow
That never comes

© 2013 LGjaffe

2 Responses to I Found Tomorrow

  1. diana dabeat says:

    ey brotha! glad ur still out n about doing the superhero bit, we need ya!
    keep writing…your poetry has helped me alot..

    all of my bad habits sat in the hotel dresser drawer
    waiting for the man to bust in and let us know
    whats what
    and where the where is

    Worse for Wear
    we sure were happy though

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