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IGGO Reappoints Jaffe For Second Term as Poet Laureate

 Press Release

InterGalactic Governing Organization Reappoints Jaffe

For Second Term as Poet Laureate

Ultz, Ulsa Major, April 1, 2013: The Arts Bureau of the InterGalactic Governing Organization (IGGO) announced today the reappointment of Larry Jaffe as the IGGO Poet Laureate. Severin Thomas, Arts Bureau Executive Secretary stated that Jaffe had performed a more than creditable job establishing poetry in various outlying territories as well as the various IGGO Commonwealth States. “His job is not done yet in both cultivating and modernizing this important art form. He has a voice that is heard throughout the universe and he lends credibility to this most important Art Bureau project.”

The InterGalactic Governing Organization was established late in the 20th Century to secure freedom for all sentient species. One of their key mission goals is to improve the position of artists throughout the galaxies so that they may feel free to create culture. Their motto is: “Where there is art there is life.”


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