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I love signing books. It gives me great pleasure to personalize an inscription to someone, making the experience unique for both of us. So let me know if you want your book personalized. I am happy to do it.

Each of my current books are $15.00 plus shipping and you can pay by PayPal.

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Look up in the sky! It’s PoetryMan!

That’s right folks, my new book 30 Aught 04 is out. And it is hotter than a Saturday night special. The populace wide and far is enjoying these words and so should you! You will understand the title once you open the book. Let’s just say I won a prize for this book from my publisher Local Gems Press for writing 30 poems in 30 days during April’s National Poetry Month.  The book is all about replacing bullets and bombs with poems. Just click here to get it.

UP CoverMany years ago Jaffe wrote a poem called Unprotected Poetry. Little did he know at the time that this not-so-simple, not so little poem would create such controversy. For over ten years “Unprotected Poetry” has assaulted the senses of readers and listeners all looking to see or hear between the lines. That this most sensual poem could be about censorship was not always understood but the concept was readily appreciated.The collection is a cornucopia of my views on life and society. To order Unprotected Poetry click here!







OCS One Child Sold (Salmon Poetry, 2010), is about human rights and trafficking, and as such addresses the sickness and depravity of human trafficking and the necessity of cleansing such wounds for societal health. This book would seem to be filled with horror and sadness in dealing with such a depressing subject. However, the poems in this book can’t seem to help themselves from believing in love and hope. Scars are touched gently and given the honor they deserve but at the same time the human spirit is shown with all its courage along with flags and drums and fifes of forgiveness for a hopeful future. To order One Child Sold click here!






In-Plain-View-Cover-FinalIn Plain View by Larry Jaffe is a telling of a generation through the eyes of its author in the form of a poetry collection. A history told in verse, a poetic pathway through time. This one man’s personal history and the history of his family in many ways is the history of the last two generations of America. Pull out your nostalgia glasses and prepare for wit, humor, and a surge of memories that will either take you back, or introduce you to a period in a way you wouldn’t find in any history book. Just click here to order.







UP T-shirtGet your own official Unprotected Poetry T-Shirt, just like the one Jaffe wears on tour! Click here to order!








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