Poetizing spontaneously without combusting

30 Aught 04

Faster than a speeding bullet! Able to leap wide boundaries with a single word! Look up in the sky! It’s PoetryMan!

That’s right folks, my new book 30 Aught 04 is out. And it is hotter than a Saturday night special. The populace wide and far is enjoying these words and so should you! You will understand the title once you open the book. Let’s just say I won a prize for this book from my publisher Local Gems Press for writing 30 poems in 30 days during April’s National Poetry Month.  The book is all about replacing bullets and bombs with poems. Just click here to get it.

Here’s what a few artistic commandos are saying about it:

“If our next President was prudent, Secretary of Poetry would be a new cabinet position and Larry Jaffe would be appointed on day one. Jaffe believes what he writes and you too will believe after you read this incredible book. It has been many years since I have read a poetry book this Revolutionary. It is filled with enough weapons, ammo, and firepower to make the Texas Freedom Party salivate. But to my dismay, you won’t find this book as the next Mississippi back roads gun show. They would hate every word. This book is for healers and people who cherish peace.” Michael Ellis, Poet M.e.

“If Jason Bourne suddenly realized he could recite poetry and James Bond went after villains in stanzas and the entire military industrial complex shifted all production to poems and you could put them all into one man’s work, this would be it. Larry Jaffe is a poetry marksman like no other and he’s hit his target once again.”David Carus, Artist

“What if they threw a war and Larry showed up armed with his arsenal of poems. More powerful than any military weapon. More healing than any drug. Larry Jaffe has created a book of poetry that could change the way we fight wars. No blood needs to be shed. Just the beauty and meaning of Maestro Jaffe’s poetry. Thank you for another great work.”Neal Fox Musician, Composer, Artist

“Larry Jaffe, the Artful Codger, paints glorious and masterful plays on words in his latest poetic foray, 30 Aught 4. At times, I found myself nodding fiercely in agreement with the poems’ message. At other times, poems sunk in deep, right to my soul, where they will forever reside. Larry wrote, “The velocity of a poem is measured by number of minds influenced.” In my opinion, the velocity of his poems is the speed of light.”Deena Remiel, Author

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Here are a couple of poems so you can get a little taste of what has become a rather controversial book!

Weapons of Mass Construction

I unpack my explosive
one syllable at a time
each lethal letter
to create beauty

Poetry is a weapon
of mass construction
I have a license to live

A license to imbue life
not take it
to create not destroy
this is my legacy



This is a conversation
we should have had
a long time ago

You see war is so old school
we are not into killing
bodies anymore
it really is a waste of time

Plus it is oh so tiresome
to keep coming back
Lifetime after lifetime
only to be ripped apart by war

Like I said it is so yesterday
to be a hate monger
and razzle up people’s anxieties

This is not how we roll
This is not how we play

Today we win
with affinity
some call it love

But really it is simply
a desire for closeness
Without guns or knives
as intermediaries

And just so you know
those bullets
that you are toasting in your gun
are as old as stale bagels
and do not shoot straight

Besides beings are bulletproof


© 2017 LGjaffe

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