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In Plain View

In-Plain-View-Cover-FinalI am like so completely jazzed. My new book published by Local Gems Press is out and you can get yourself a signed copy today! Imagine that! Well you don’t have to imagine it just click here to order.

This book is about being Bronx made and Long Island tempered. Plainview is the name of the town I spent many a year. Growing up I felt it lived up to its name. Looking back on it, this was the story of a Bronx heart banging into suburbia. It created quite a ripple both in my memories and my heart.

This is what my publisher has to say: “Published by Local Gems Press  “In Plain View” by Larry Jaffe is a telling of a generation through the eyes of its author in the form of a poetry collection. A history told in verse, a poetic pathway through time. This one man’s personal history and the history of his family in many ways is the history of the last two generations of America. Pull out your nostalgia glasses and prepare for wit, humor, and a surge of memories that will either take you back, or introduce you to a period in a way you wouldn’t find in any history book.”

I will personally sign and inscribe each copy you buy.

Racing in a Burger Joint

Before McDonald’s
ruled the world
we had Wetson’s
its funny burgers
and real fries
filled our bellies with gas

We were young
thinking naive a good thing
as older boys revved
hotrod engines
for the race of the century
happening every other week
in Wetson’s back yard
aka the parking lot

A race course the size
of a postage stamp
dealing with this challenge
the greasers raced in reverse
an end run to the winners circle
Burgers take all

Now don’t you just love that image. You can get more by simply clicking here!

My friend George Wallace has some nice things to say about In Plain View:

George Wallace: Writer in Residence, Walt Whitman Birthplace

“In this fine new collection Larry Jaffe has pulled from the deep grass of childhood memory a collection of poems that are bright as Easter Eggs and finely faceted as gems. Here’s a kid who is all grown up but still knows how to get the old push mower going in Mom’s back yard. Jaffe yanks and pulls the old thing alive, uncovering memorable poem after poem from the overgrown grass of memory. It’s a collective experience his readers will recognize instantly — growing up in the heart of the Great American Dream Machine — a recognition hidden in ‘In Plain View.’ Doubt it? Just ask Larry’s third grade teacher Miss Timberlake, ‘so full of love she would make anyone feel wanted…’ who filled the hands of the kids in class M&Ms to learn math, ‘and didn’t keep the green ones to herself.’ With this new collection, Jaffe offers up a beautiful handful of his own.”

Like I said I will personally sign and inscribe each copy you get. I think it will make a fine gift whether or not you are from the Bronx or suburbia.

Yes you can buy it here directly from the poet! 

Extra Words – What Some of My Fellow Poets Had to Say about In Plain View

Pramila Venkateswaran: Poet Laureate of Suffolk County, Long Island

Irony, humor, and understatement mark Larry Jaffe’s poems, In Plain View, as he takes us into the heart of the ordinary and colorless and brings out the extraordinary that characterizes the young boy who awaits the marks of adulthood. In paying attention to the small memories that construct one’s life, just as the speaker’s mother constructs her cuisine, this volume makes us nostalgic for the traces of incidents that encompass our perception of the past. Larry Jaffe takes a compassionate look at his youth he leaves behind.

David Carus: Author of Super Artist – How to Take Flight as A Creator

In Plain View puts glasses on the reader so he can take an honest look at America. This book offers a viewpoint of growing up in the world that is both humorous and remarkable. Larry Jaffe captures the innocence, hopefulness and dangers of life in any town. In Plain View is a work revealing the journey we all take, captured so cleverly in the guise of a young Jewish kid from New York. Larry’s story is memorable, relatable and representative of what it’s like to live. In Plain View is an American story well worth the read.

Lorraine Conlin: Poet, VP of Performance Poets Association, BOD of the Bards Initiative

With a ship’s manifest and a station wagon of love, Larry journeys us from a ghetto to the green fields of Long Island. In Plain View he punctuates his fears, enthusiasm and frozen dreams with peace, love and joy. His history is wedged between memories and his poetry gives the reader a glimpse into the mirror of life we all share.

Dd. Spungin: Writer and host for PPA and Poets in Nassau

Larry Jaffe’s sharp memories prove a delightful and sometimes painful reminder of the reader’s own life experiences. A subtlety of darkness flavors the work. We understand without being bashed on the head as we’re taken through a coming of age: Feelings of inadequacy, moments of triumph, coming to terms with the world’s reality. This is a glistening web spun by the poet. Be careful as you read; it will trap you. You may not want to leave.

Peter V. Dugan: Poet and Editor of Writing: Outside the Lines

In Plain View, Mr. Jaffe takes the reader for a ride back in time, to his beginnings in the Bronx and his maturing on Long Island. A poetic journey that should not be missed.

John A Brennan: Poet

From the outset, Mr. Jaffe approaches the lives within the pages of his book in a truly unique fashion. Using the poem as a prologue, Jaffe invites us to embark on his personal life journey with him as our guide. A tall, humorous man, Jaffe relates his story with great intimacy, sprinkled with equal doses of panache, sharp wit and a keen eye for the detail of the human condition.

From an unremembered hospital ward in the Bronx, to a tenement above a dry cleaners, to a town in plain view on Long Island, we begin the journey. Plainview, Long Island finally becomes his home but the Yankees are already embedded in his DNA from birth. The story that he relates is, in some respects, his memoir.
He paints a vivid picture of the pain and suffering of his forebears as they run the gauntlet of Nazi purges, a rough Atlantic crossing, arrival in America and finally the dream of freedom and peace realized. If we listen carefully, we can still hear his mother as she runs down that Bronx street calling for her ‘Larry boy.’

Today Jaffe dreams awake and jousts, not, as he says “with windmills,” but rather “with windbags.” A wonderful story of courage, determination and powerful, thought provoking insights. A great book from start to finish.

It is good karma to buy In Plain View directly from the poet

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