Poetizing spontaneously without combusting

Silence Rescued Silence Revealed Silence Restored


Silence Rescued Silence Revealed Silence Restored

In dedication of Holocaust Remembrance Day

Once upon a time

there was a holocaust…


Millions died

because of one man

because of one people


Because of a silence

so unprofound

that people were

caused not to speak


They were cautioned

not to breathe

and whatever faint

breaths they had

were better he

than me


And this silence

grew until

it became a loud noise


And today we

revere that silence

with more silence


And yes

millions are still

easily slaughtered


And economies

of life

are shattered


And people

would rather protest

than live


And still

the silence



And we celebrate

that silence



Isn’t it fitting?


© 2012 lgjaffe

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