Poetizing spontaneously without combusting

Siren’s Call

sirensSiren’s Call

It was not wild women calling to those men

Nor were those wild men trolling for women
This was a battle most ancient
A showdown of mastery – matter against spirit
And for an eternity’s moment it appeared
As if the physical universe had finally won

The beasts and demons called out to souls

  • To lose them on the rocks of catastrophe
  • To make mayhem on the spirit
  • To trap them in eternal confinement
  • To turn their tears into blood
  • And their blood into bombs

These were not the strong tempting the weak
These were the weak stealing the strength from the gallant

Through trickery and mirage they gained a foothold of life force
And appeared to be the winner of man and cinder

Spirit became man and man endeavored to survive forevermore
Caught in the wilderness of matter, energy, space and time

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