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Solace of an Arched Eyebrow – a #poem of love and concern

Solace of an Arched Eyebrow

Your eyes –

Do they remember
and herded
onto ghettos

You tell me –
The word ghetto
was born in Italy
where Jews were
to the island
of Gheto,
forever forced
to live
on reservations
of their discontent

They were –

15th Century commuters
across water
to mind
their own
in the inner city

[I am] locked in
my own
personal ghetto.

Your eyebrows arch as you look at me –

I find solace
just beneath
the arch
of your left eyebrow
a perfect eye
that looks deep

© 2010 lgjaffe

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2 Responses to Solace of an Arched Eyebrow – a #poem of love and concern

  1. Hi

    I’m writing on behalf of the Rafto Foundation from Bergen, Norway. This is a human rights organization which hands out a “Rafto prize”, that is, a human rights prize to an organization or a person. You can read about it on our web site http://www.raftohuset.no/

    This year, at the prize ceremony we wish to read a couple of poems, including yours “A Renaissance of Human Rights”. I found the poem on the “Poets for Human Rights”-site, but some information is lacking. My question is if you could email me your name (Larry or Lawrence Jaffe) and the year of publication. You could also email me the poem, so I am sure that I have the poem the way it is supposed to be.

    Thank you so much.

    Eliane Innvær Andersen

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