Poetizing spontaneously without combusting



I transmit eternity
in single breaths

Silent finger touch nodes
of impossibilities

I reach for things
I cannot touch


Must I wrack the universe
for hidden symbology

Slowly exploding
upon this façade of stars

I dance with infinity
taking delight in leaps
of erotic prowess

Nothing comes between my legs
No images
No folk heroes
Only a purity of lust
And sanity

Eros is my friend and lover
watch her glow with delight
as we cavort amongst the stars

Stars have no gender
we are all she(s)
that generate

I speak of cloudburst
saturating the soil

I speak of candy not so sweet
with just a hint of desire

I speak of you my friend
as we dance amongst the stars.



© 2017 LGjaffe

One Response to Starlust

  1. R U Outavit says:

    Some of your best work in a long time with even a trace of surrealism !

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